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recreational weed dispensaries in michigan

About Our Company

Born and bred in the hearts and minds of Michigan-bred cannabis enthusiasts, Heritage Provisioning is setting a new industry standard based on professionalism, authenticity, and compassion.

Our locations throughout the state provide an easy and personal buying experience for those who enjoy cannabis products cultivated with home-grown values and state-of-the-art methodology.


We offer normal walk-in service to all 21+ customers.

Express and Curbside

Place your order online and pick up in store or curbside when you arrive.

FREE Delivery

FREE delivery to your doorstep is available at select locations.

Our Promise

Heritage Provisioning is committed to providing each customer with a unique and satisfying experience through practices embodying professionalism, compassion, education, security and privacy.

Our Mission

To provide safe, affordable cannabis to Michigan consumers in a way that is genuine, informed, fulfilling, and environmentally friendly.