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VIP Program

VIP Club Will Return Soon!

Our new cannabis VIP club is currently being developed to provide you with tons of ways to get more goodies. Check back soon for more ways to sign-up and save.

What is Cannaisseur Club?

Note: Currently only available at our Manistee location.

The cannabis club that provides it all, for the connoisseur (cannaisseur) that needs it all! The total vip experience…daily member discount, monthly gifts, early access to limited release products, club merch, and a sick welcome package!

Club member benefits:
  • 1 Free ($.01) preroll per week
  • 15% off ALL the time!
  • 25% off accessories
  • 40% off merch
  • Monthly box with accessories (papers, lighter, grinder, stash jars, tools, trays, etc)
  • Buy 1/2 ounce* per week and receive 1 free half
  • Buy 1 ounce* per week and receive 1 free ounce
  • Buy 2 ounces per week and receive 2 ounces (*ounce must be regular buds grams/eighths, free flower is in 8ths $55 and below)
How does it work?

As a member, you will never pay full price on anything! 15% off storewide, all the time! Plus a penny preroll every week, 40% off clothing, and 25% off accessories and glass. The best part is the more you buy, the more you get rewarded! If you purchase a half ounce (4 – 8ths) every week, at the end of the month, you’ll get a free half ounce (4 – 8ths $55 shelf and below.)

Join Our Cannaissuer Club