Welcome to Michigrown, a cannabis brand deeply involved in the counterculture of cannabis, offering medical and adult-use products. The brand values the work, the plant, the science, and the purpose behind what they do. They are a melting pot of individuals passionate about changing the narrative in the cannabis space and offering the best possible products.

Michigrown believes in the power of the plant and its medical applications, as well as advocating for cannabis’ social acceptance and legalization. They strive to create a safe space for consumers to explore their options with high-quality products from experienced farmers and producers whose work is rooted in sustainability and ethics. Their products include premium flower and pre-rolls, all sourced from their own state-of-the-art indoor grow operations, utilizing the latest technology to produce consistent results.

Why We Love Michigrown

Over the past decade, Michigrown's team has become highly educated in the physiological and biochemical processes of cannabis, utilizing bio-mimicry and genetic optimization. This knowledge has enabled them to create consistent results and high-quality products. The brand noticed that others in the cannabis space were cutting corners and failing to put the plant and patients first, which led them to take a leap of faith and enter the new market with the old mentality of doing better. Because of this, we respect Michigrown's commitment to quality and integrity, they have our full support.

But let's dig a little deeper into what we love about them!

Quality products

Michigrown produces all of its products in-house and takes pride in every step. From the actual growing process to packaging, they are dedicated to producing quality products they can be proud of. In addition, all batches are tested for quality and safety assurance.

Ethical practices

Michigrown commits to ethical practices as well, using solely organic methods and sustainable resources. They also work with local farmers who have been part of the cannabis industry.

Community engagement

Michigrown is not just about producing products. They also focus on educating their community about the benefits of cannabis and advocating for it to be accepted socially and legally. In addition, the brand actively supports organizations working for cannabis legalization and justice reform, providing resources to those in need.

Customer service

Michigrown provides excellent customer service. They are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, which is reflected in their exceptional customer service. They are always happy to answer any questions and provide support to customers.

Veterans program

Michigrown is committed to giving back to the community and honoring the sacrifices of military personnel. Their Medi-pak program provides free access to cannabis products for eligible active and inactive military personnel who use cannabis as an alternative treatment option. This program collaborates with other participating partners who provide eligible veterans with 2 Medi-pak prerolls per day, free of charge.

By providing access to cannabis products, Michigrown hopes to help veterans cope with various conditions, including chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

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