At Cadddy, they're committed to providing premium cannabis products that are thoughtfully cultivated and freshwater-fueled in Manistee County, Michigan. Homegrown with years of experience, their team is dedicated to growing the highest quality flower and producing only the best oil extracts. From seed to sale, Caddy stands behind their products – guaranteeing top-shelf quality for every customer. In addition, they believe in using sustainable farming practices and promoting environmental sustainability through renewable energy sources, natural pest control methods, and composting. 

By purchasing from Caddy, you’re supporting a business that takes their environmental impact seriously and respects the greenest lifestyle possible. Whether it’s flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, edibles, or something else, Caddy has everything you need for your cannabis journey!

Why We Love Caddy

Beyond being a home-state favorite, there’s a lot to love about Caddy. For starters, their commitment to quality is evident in their 7+ strains, which are available with cannabinoid and terpene profiles to suit all customers. In addition, Caddy's organic flower is carefully trimmed, weighed, processed, and packaged by hand, ensuring consistency and quality in every product. This way, you can always get the best possible product from a single source.


Caddy is a cannabis brand that strongly emphasizes environmental consciousness and sustainability. All of their products are grown using sunlight and freshwater in Manistee County, MI, making them both environmentally friendly and sustainable. Their goal is to provide customers fulfillment, intelligence, and sensible experience when using their products. Caddy's cannabis is cultivated and processed by local farmers and farm-hers who reside in Manistee, MI. In addition, they employ all-natural pest control techniques by using beneficial insects to battle against pests instead of harmful pesticides.


Moreover, Caddy offers unbeatable prices with their twofers, including their Twofers 2Gram Concentrate Pucks, Twofers 2x 1g Vape cartridges, and Twofers 2x 1g prerolls. These products provide double the fun with two grams of high-quality cannabis extract or distillate at an affordable price.


Caddy takes pride in their outdoor-grown products with distinctive terpene profiles, which they carefully preserve during the drying and curing process. They also use high-quality extraction methods to produce their concentrates. All of their products are lab tested to meet the highest quality standards.

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