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What does it take to make Wynk? In short, an 18-wheeler, some ingenuity and a whole lot of love. Because making a THC-based seltzer when it’s not legal nationally is…complicated. For our competition, making product means building a factory in states where cannabis is legal—or finding a co-manufacturer to do it for them. Plus, there’s the issue of licensing within each state. It’s enough to make you want a Wynk!

That’s why we re-imagined the whole thing.

We make Wynk on-site in states where it’s legal using the equipment that lives on the back of our Wynk Wagon℠ 18-wheeler. So while other beverages make their drink in a single location and ship to market, we actually flipped the script and bring the factory to the market. Crazy, huh? But you gotta do crazy things when you’re chasing a dream this delicious.

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