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Glacier Cannabis

Hi, we’re Glacier. We’re here to bring joy and relief through clean, high-quality cannabis products.

We are a team full of cannabis consumers, and our goal is to only produce products that we’d want to personally go out and buy from dispensaries and provisioning centers. At Glacier Cannabis, quality is king.

In 2019, we made the switch from Michigan’s caregiver system into commercial cannabis. As caregivers, we learned so much about cultivating quality flower and providing our patients with clean and effective options.

We know cannabis consumers are all types of people throughout Michigan. They’re waiters, writers, athletes, lawyers, chefs, musicians, mothers, fathers, and more. They’re people that keep Michigan moving. And we aim to keep them moving. Our goal is to bring you happiness while ridding you from pain, in the many forms that it may come. We want to provide relief from stress, an escape from depression, a solution to insomnia, alleviation from muscle cramps and body aches, and treatment for countless other conditions.

Glacier isn’t some crazy huge corporation that is looking to make a quick buck on the cannabis industry. We’re a small team of hardworking Michiganders, based out of the Ann Arbor area. And our goal is to provide top-shelf quality at mid-shelf pricing.

We also know cannabis is more than just medicine. That’s why we also grow it for adult recreational use in addition to medical use. Recreational cannabis is meant to provide consumers with a bit of a life enhancement. Cannabis can help make things brighter and more exciting. Whether you’re heading for a hike or settling in for a movie night, Glacier Cannabis products can bring you that extra joy in the process.

No matter the purpose, we see the power in cannabis, especially our high-quality Glacier Cannabis. It is part of our mission to spread knowledge and educate the public on Glacier products and the plant as a whole, since the cannabis industry is so new and there is much to discover.

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